Tonfa - Martial Arts Weapon!

Tonfa martial arts weapons are sometimes confused with the nightsticks that some police forces use. Some nightsticks are very similar to Tonfa, but when searching the Internet for tonfa, you should enter tonfa into the search box for better results.

You can buy foam covered tonfa when you start learning to use tonfa for self defence!

Inexpensive Tonfa!

Buying tonfa is a cheap way to enhance your martial arts or self defence skills. If you never manage to master the use of tonfa, you won't have lost any significant amount of cash. You won't hurt yourself as much as you would when you start learning to use nunchucks!

Tonfa Lessons!

Tonfa lessons come in many different forms:

  • Tuition from an experienced user
  • Tonfa DVD's
  • Tonfa Videos
  • Tonfa Books 

Tonfa For Life!

When you've mastered the skills of tonfa, you will find more confidence in defending yourself in every day life. Most people would prefer you to hit them with your hand than to feel the crack of a hardwood tonfa on a sensitive, vulnerable or breakable part of their body.

Tonfa are cheap to buy, easily concealed and effective as martial arts weapons when used for your own personal self defence.